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8 Top E-Commerce Mobile App Features

  • By Josephine Baker
  • 02-05-2022
  • E-commerce

Are you going to create an eCommerce mobile app? If you really want to make an app that helps your online store grow impressively, there are some important features that your eCommerce app must have. Here, we have listed 8 top eCommerce mobile app features that would engage users effectively and help you increase your sales.

1. Easy Login & Secure Profile Registration
This is the first and foremost feature that your eCommerce mobile app should incorporate. Your app must provide an easy process of login and profile registration. Ensure users get a streamlined process of logging in securely via different methods like email, phone number, and social media channels. Here, you need to make sure the login and profile registration process should be hassle-free and takes less time.

Benefit of this feature: Modern users are impatient and want their personal data fully protected. With easy logging and secure registration, your app will gain user trust easily.

2. User-Friendly Product Search filters
E-Commerce app has a lot of products to offer. Plus, users want a smooth product search experience that quickly serves them what they need. Hence, your app should offer user-friendly product search filters to customers who can find their favorite product based on their preferences like the product category, size, brand, color, price range, and more. The product search filter must take less number of steps to make the navigation easier and faster so that customers can quickly get to their desired product.

Benefit of this feature: When you provide user-friendly product search filters, customers quickly find their products, and thus, chances of sales conversion increase.

3. Displaying Products with AR Features
Do you know IKEA or Sephora? These apps allow its customers to visualize the desired product in a real context. This is because of augmented reality. When you integrate your app with AR capability that allows your potential customers to explore or assess the product as per their real-life needs, they are mostly like to buy your products. AR is among the most trending eCommerce mobile app features that top mobile app development considers will dominate the upcoming eCommerce app development field.

Benefit of this feature: AR feature gives advantages to customers with a try-before-you-buy with a virtual experience. It gives real-life interactions that help customers make better buying decisions.

4. Seamless Shopping Cart
A shopping cart is one of the most important eCommerce mobile app features that you can't miss. This is a must-have feature in any eCommerce mobile application but is mostly taken lightly. As most eCommerce apps suffer from a high cart abandonment rate, you should try to provide a quality shopping art feature to users which them a great online shopping experience. Yor should make your shopping cart feature highly intuitive and precise which makes the buying process easy.

Benefit of this feature: A seamless shopping cart makes it easier and faster for users to choose the product and make the payment.

5. Safe and Easy Mobile Payment
Making online payments is an essential activity in eCommerce mobile app. Your app should offer a secure and easy in-app payment facility that ensures customers make a fully safe transaction. Your eCommerce app must provide various payment methods like debit/credit card, online banking, eWallet payment, etc.

Benefit of this feature: Modern users highly care for secure online payment that ensures their information in it being shared anywhere within or outside the app. If you serve them a secure mobile payment feature, they will trust you more.

6. Personalized Product Recommendations
You shouldn't forget the users of your eCommerce mobile app are after all humans. Don't make a mistake consider just another visitor. By providing users with personalized product recommendations, your app can effectively engage users and push them to make a purchase. This feature helps you expand your reach and improve customer engagement with your brand and thus driving better customer loyalty and high conversions.

Benefit of this feature: Your app can make a personal relationship by offering them their favorite products which resonate with their taste.

7. Real-Time Chat Support
You can't answer all questions through a mobile app as customers may have some unique questions regarding your products. While most eCommerce apps provide dedicated customer support but hardly any of them offer real-time chat support. This feature allows users to instantly chat with any of your agents who assist customers with their product queries or issues that might they facing. With real-time chat support, your eCommerce app can turn frustrated customers into happy customers.

Benefit of this feature: Real-time chat support allows customers to quickly interact with the store and solve their queries related to product purchasing.

8. Detailed Product Descriptions
Adding a detailed product description plays a big role in improving the sales growth of your ECommerce app. Customers usually have a lot of doubts and questions before they spend their money on buying products from your online store. By giving customers useful detailed product descriptions, you convince customers logically and thus reduce the chances of product returns.

Benefit of this feature: With detailed product descriptions, your potential customer gets an opportunity to check all the essential information and if they find it really helpful, you will buy it quickly.

To Conclude
eCommerce mobile app allows you to connect with users easily and lets you sell more effectively. But this is only possible when your app includes the above-listed must-have features. For a better outcome, here I recommend you to find the top mobile app development company in India as they are highly expert in helping eCommerce businesses with modern mobile app solutions.

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