on-demand app ideas for start-ups

Top 15 Industry-Based On-demand App Ideas for Start-ups

  • By Hardik Parmar
  • 31-03-2022
  • Mobile App Development

The smartphone has become a hub for all your convenience needs. Whether you want to watcha movie, order food or relax, the phone has become the go-to place. Most people are glued to their mobiles for almost everything, including list building and reminders.

On-demand has opened the hidden doors to the convenience that people had not explored. Even today, very few apps offer the comfort, variety, and experience that the on-demand economy caters to.

With tremendous opportunities and a vast landscape, there are plenty of untapped areas that you can look at. The industry gained momentum during the post Pandemic period when people were forced to sit in their houses. This economy kept the supply chain moving and allowed people to gain access to the goods they needed.

From groceries to laundry, almost everything has gone on-demand. According to research by HBR, the on-demand economy attracts close to 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.5 billion.

If you are planning to tap into this economy and gain a market share, here are a few ideas that you can build on.

On-demand App Ideas for your Business

If you plan to be the next Uber or Airbnb, you can use these ideas to build your on-demand business. While some of these app ideas have been developed in an app solution, several industries offer many opportunities.

1. Medicine Delivery Apps

When we were living under the threat of the most significant pandemic, the on-demand medicine delivery apps saved the day. Many people, who were fighting the virus, could avail themselves of medicines easily and quickly with the help of these solutions.

The demand for these delivery apps has always been there; it accelerated several times in the pandemic phase. While some app solutions offer regular medicines, you can also provide injections and similar things if you have the appropriate license and the right tools.

For example, you will need a cold storage box to manage some of the medicines. The best part about launching these services, apart from the demand, is the pay for the service. It is a high-paying and filled-with-opportunities market.

2. Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are not just about training or exercises; they have replaced a lot of places, including meditation centers and dieticians.

You will notice that many doctors, physiotherapists, meditation knowledge providers, and others have joined these apps.

These apps offer healthcare solutions for those who cannot move out of their houses or, for some reason, don’t find the time to hit the gym. It is basically for those who seek mindfulness but cannot commute to a physical place.

From doctors to dieticians to gym trainers, everyone is available on this app to help people with these regimes. You can offer a wide range of solutions. To make a breakthrough app, ensure you go through the current set of available apps and identify the gaps.

3. Doctor Booking Application

On-demand doctors are indeed a blessing in disguise. The long hours of waiting without knowing when the doctor will take the patient in led to the creation of this on-demand idea.

With the booking apps, patients will know which doctor to consult and choose based on the reviews and recommendations.

It has become easier to book your preferred doctor’s appointment with this on-demand app solution. You can check their availability and match it with yours. So, you don’t have to wait in a long queue to get your check-up.

The doctor booking apps have also come with in-app chat and video consultation, allowing patients to get the doctor’s advice without moving out of the house. This concept is indeed revenue generation and highly profitable.

4. Logistics App

This is a growing segment and has a significant number of opportunities. Uber for trucking or logistics seems to be a rage. People are more interested in keeping track of their shipment, gaining prompt pickup and delivery services, and accessing logistics quickly.

There is an app for almost all segments of logistics, including and not limited to warehouse management, inventory management, booking cargo to managing the fleet.

5. Trucking Apps

There is a good demand for truckers in both US and Canada. Businesses need more visibility into these resources and their availability. Managing this fleet can be quite tedious and time-consuming. However, if you create an on-demand trucking app, you will be able to extend extraordinary support to the logistics and supply chain.

The availability of trucks and booking information are readily available. Businesses can book the trucks using a mobile app at their convenience and sync with the shipment they plan to send.

These apps can also conduct route optimization, offer information related to parking, and help with fuel and food.

6. Food Delivery Services

We believe this is the ultimate need of the hour and has picked up pace post Pandemic. With more people working from the comforts of their homes, food delivery services have become an essential part of their daily lives.

You can use popular apps like Grub hub, UberEATS, and Zomato as your inspiration to build your next on-demand food delivery app. you should check for gaps in the segment before you begin creating your mobile app solution.

It would help if you included some of the top features a must-have for the industry.

7. Video Streaming Apps

Do you even remember a time before Netflix? No, right! It is impossible to think of a life without these online video streaming apps. Every day a new app enters the store and offers more choices to the customers.

Every app that has entered the market differs in its offering and substance. It is essential to identify your niche before you start developing the app. Amazon Prime, for instance, deals with a different kind of cinema compared to Netflix. Again, the types of shows that you see on the two are different.

Certain streaming apps are regional. You will need to define what works best for your audience before committing to the development.

8. Vacation Rental

Becoming the next Airbnb is no easy job. You have to identify the best rental spaces, find out what you can do to recreate experiences and build your app. Airbnb has created a need for a space that existed, but people weren’t aware of. We all wanted a local experience and what could be more local than a homestay.

A vacation rental is a huge segment with plenty of opportunities available for one and all. You might want to tap into one of the unexplored aspects and create your next big app. make sure to validate the idea before you begin working on it.

9. Housekeeping

Finding a good and reliable housekeeping service can be quite a task. Researching on the Internet is another challenge. With the on-demand housekeeping app, you can book a reliable and quality housekeeping service that will care for your needs.

You will need to be the bridge between housekeeping service providers and the end-users. You might have to go through the whole process of identifying and partnering with the right housekeepers. When you have done the research correctly, it will save your customers a lot of their time.

10. Learning Apps

The need to help students learn better and improve their grades led to the creation of most learning apps. If you look at a Khan academy or Byjus, you will realize the need was to assist the students with school work.

With time, more students look at learning apps as a necessity. It is not just for school students but also extended to people across ages and geography. Whether you want to learn a new language or add some skills, there is a learning app for everything.

You will need to research this industry before coming up with an idea that can help you build a business.

11. Laundry Apps

Who loves their laundry day? Almost no one! Tap into this sentiment and build a business around the need to get laundry done immediately. You can compete on price or a feature.

For example, offering same-day delivery could help you win your customers. Similarly, you might win your customers if you provide the drinks at a relatively lesser price than the other apps.

It is essential to study the industry, find out what people still need in these apps, and offer it to them.

12. Handyman Apps

Want a plumber for a tap leakage? Book through an app! Want someone to repair the door? Check the app. Make handyman readily available and bridge the gap between them and the end-users.

The on-demand handyman app allows customers to book their service and make payments online. Your business model will be commission-based, which helps you and the handyman earn handsomely. It is a win-win situation for all three stakeholders involved.

13. Alcohol Apps

Saturday night parties can be pretty dry without good alcohol. What if it was suddenly planned? That’s where the on-demand alcohol delivery apps come to help.

You can offer to reach your customers, alcohol in hand, to make their party merry and nice. It would help if you had connections with the best alcohol stores in the city and partnered with the right delivery people.

When you have developed the business model properly on paper, implementing it would be easy.

14. Grocery Delivery Apps

This industry grew by leaps and bounds in the post Pandemic era. We saw a growing need for groceries delivery apps during the peak pandemic. It helped people avoid stepping out of their homes to buy the essentials.

There are plenty of business models that have come into this delivery service. You have plenty of opportunities to tap into, including medicines to ensure quick deliveries.

15. Beauty Service Apps

At-home beauty and spas are a growing business. People like getting their haircut, a good manicure, and even facials in the comfort of their homes.

Think of a beauty or spa service that you would like to deliver on-demand. It could be a dedicated service or a package. You should have a defining model to help you manage appointments, keep your online and offline models separate and grow your customer base.

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