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How To Build an Online Food Ordering System?

  • By Archana Inani
  • 25-03-2022
  • Software

Restaurant's off-premise dining has proven itself as a powerful independent facet of the industry that is here to stay for long. has forecasted that restaurant sales have been skyrocketing so much that by 2025, about 185 million people are expected to make use of online food delivery services! Well, online food ordering is still playing its most decisive game. With even a more significant number of people preferring the Online Food Ordering System, Restaurants are looking at it as a ticket to fortune.

And why not? Dine-in options show higher risks of coronavirus spread. So, to retain even the petrified customers, restaurants, big or small, are now adopting online systems. The Restaurants think that a limited contact system and increased COVID-19 safety measures will help them recuperate the lost sales, profits, and missed expansion opportunities in the past years.

Now, in the post-COVID times, people are unquestionably relying on takeaways and online ordering more than ever.

Here's our opinion about the Online Food Ordering System!

It has simplified the urban lifestyle by providing convenient food services.

Has changed the human-food relationship.

The easy-to-use features of the system bring any and every meal choice delivered to your dining table!

It is easy, convenient, and a more transparent way to see what's delivered to you.

Moreover, for Restaurants, it is a cash-cow opportunity.

Advantages of Online Food Ordering System

The many perks and benefits of choosing an online ordering system over the traditional manual ordering taking include:

Fueling the 'new' customer-restaurant behavior post-pandemic

Customers are fairly choosing the digital ordering system such as a restaurant's website or a Mobile Application.

70% of the surveyed customers say that they would rather prefer to pay the restaurants directly rather than other third-party food ordering apps. Moreover, above 80% of the restaurants with online technology claim that their business has never been more successful and efficiently run.

Food's only a click away!

Thanks to smartphones, fast internet speed, and a powerfully-built Online Food Ordering System, people can now order their meals easily! Mobile phones have made food ordering plain sailing for customers.

So, no more taking longer breaks, getting stuck in the traffic, and waiting in queues to order food. Open the app, search what you want to eat, select a payment mode, and voila! Your food is on the way!

A visually appealing food app stimulates HUNGER!

This means that hungry customers scrolling through your visually appealing app and delicious food pictures can make them drool! According to Oracle GloriaFood, hungry customers tend to spend more and purchase more online.

So, presenting an entire menu before the customer's eyes can significantly bring larger profits into the Restaurant's Bank Account.

A Good Few Other Advantages of Online Food Ordering System

No room for human-made errors while taking orders

Now recall your own experiences while ordering food at the diners! All that noise from the tables next to you, loud music, and language barriers must have led to confusion while ordering your food.

However, there is no inch left for errors or misunderstandings while ordering with an online system. You simply add the food to the cart, review it before placing the order, and if your order needs editing, make the modifications then and there!

What's more? It's open for service 24x7

Now even while it's past your Restaurant hours, people can still enjoy placing orders online. Your business can still rake in income while you're in a deep, sound sleep!

This round-the-clock system lets your customers schedule a preferred pickup time or delivery time the next day.

Well, enough about the benefits of the Online Food Ordering System. I know you have been waiting for a more seamless way to create an ordering system for your Restaurant.

So, let's cut to the chase right here!

Build a Stalwart Online Food Ordering System for Your Restaurant

Follow these simple steps to create a system for your Restaurant right from scratch.

Step 1: Set Your Objectives

As a business, meaning to improve sales, capture a greater customer base and earn profits, it is critical first to define your objectives. Trust me, the process becomes a lot easier when you have the right set of objectives right in front of you! To begin with, here are a handful of questions you must ask to complete this step.

- What customer problems will you solve by creating this online system?
- How will you reach out to the existing and potential customers?
- What will you do to make this system more scalable?
- What expectations do you hold from this system?

Step 2: State the functions of the system

The creation of the Online Food Ordering System requires you first to identify its functions. Now how will you do that? To begin with, jot down the functionalities you want on this system. Next, make a list of all your competitors and see what they are providing on their platform. Lastly, think out of the box and see what additional features you can implement to earn you that competitive edge over the others!

Step 3: Finalize your Budget

In this step, the restaurants have to plan and create an appropriate budget for creating an Online Food Ordering System. Be careful while planning your finances because burning your pockets isn't the best or the only option!

Some other considerations to keep in mind while setting your budget are:

- A cut-throat budget always creates a mess. Leave some room to make adjustments. It is because once you enter into the development stage, there are always a couple or three functions you would want to add.
- As I said earlier, it isn't always wise to allocate too many funds and to spend flexibility when you can create an Online Food Ordering System on a less budget Caution - don't misinterpret the 'less budget' facet for cheap business solutions!

Step 4: Find the most appropriate and reliable Development Company

Yes! I know that you know it's crucial to find the right App Development Company. But, what you must consider is:

- The chosen company must have decent experience in food ordering system development.
- Their ideas and past work should match with what's on your mind.
- Don't forget to ask about their delivery time.
- Look through their communication skills with care.
- Most importantly, check their 'Happy Clients' Testimonial section.

Step 5: Kick start your Development Process

Once you have read through the Advantages of Online Food Ordering System development on the company's official handles, the last step of the process begins! Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the Software Developers and read their data privacy terms and conditions.

Now, you're all set to show the green flag to the development process!


The take? As the Restaurant Business Owner, an Online Food Ordering System lets you analyze the sales and boost them simultaneously. It helps you streamline your customer relationship management (CRM), promote the brand as a whole, and enhance the overall business operations!

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