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10 Most Powerful Predictions About Java Development Trends in 2022

  • By Nikita Borisa
  • 05-05-2022
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In the era of digitization, many apps and technologies gained relevance like tools for remote work, cloud computing, etc. It is important to understand that most of these apps are based on Java. Java is a fundamental programming language that safeguards native code from memory leaks. In fact, each platform in the Java language is utilized for compiling different functions of Android development. Due to the wider relevance of Java, experts have predicted some new trends in Java Developments in 2022. Curious to know about them?

Let’s get started!

The shift from Java 8
If you or your organization’s IT team is working with Java 8, there is an important prediction. In 2021, LTS was released for the first time in 3 years. Needless to say, most enterprises are trying it out and exchanging their feedback and opinions about it. Interestingly, although the new LTS version is 17, it is expected that most of the developers will likely shift to version 11. This is primarily because version 11 is just deemed to strike the right balance of features and stability. However, developers who use Spring in their development process will choose Java 17.

Therefore, you may witness a global process of Java version migration. In such a case, you need to ensure that your business is equipped with modern technical solutions to adjust to such migration. Confused how? Partner with our Java developers team at Green Apex Technolabs. Our Java Developers have expertise in the arena and will provide you with the best solution.

Support from many platforms
The year 2022 may also witness support for Java by various platforms. For example, RISC-V, the new CPU family is a potential alternative for x86 and ARM processors. One of the primary benefits of an ARM is that chips with that architecture can be developed without paying royalties to their owners. While ARM is utilized in the embedded devices mostly, you can expect to see a newer version of it soon and perhaps also receive their first implementation of RISC-V support in the new Java LTS release.

AArch64 and AArch32 are complete Java supported. The Java 11 users and the high versions of Java users get to enjoy the enhanced performance with AArch64 CPUs. Therefore, we can expect to see further enhancements in future Java releases.

Java 18
With the release of the new LTS, there is wised speculation about future releases, including the new LTS. If you are curious about the new developments in future Java versions, here are some of them:

Code snippets will be one of the most beneficial enhancements. Reading the comments will be much easier now and one can avoid mistakes while writing comments.

As the security manager is almost out, some new security measures are likely to appear. Security manager was used extensively for web start and applets. However, it was difficult to configure and slowed down the apps.

The new syntax developed for pattern matching and switch expressions is short and easy and can be implemented with several updates and JEPs.

Therefore, it is presumed that the new releases will make the whole system faster with the use of previews and incubators for testing.

Decreasing usage of non-Java LTS versions
Well, there I no doubt that due o the progress in the Java releases and LTS release schedule, there is a decline in the usage of non-Java LTS versions. Experts believe that the minor upgrade within Java will be relatively painless that would enhance their usage.
Increase in the rise of VS Code

As per the data of the JRebel 2020 Java Developer Productivity Report, 10% of the respondents use VS Code and the percentage is being witnessed to increase to 27% in 2021. This is primarily because VS Code is made more comfortable for developers. It can be used with multilingual application development. Hence, the number of users of VS Code is rising to a great extent.

Big Data and Java
The emergence of technology has created the need for Big Data. Big Data is collected massively to analyze and implement the strategies, required for various purposes. Therefore, it is important to understand that all such data are extremely crucial and need to be handled with utmost care. It is predicted by experts that there can be higher usage of Java for the use of Big Data. Therefore, users can make use of tools like Apache Mahout, Apache Hadoop and Deeplearning4j. This will ensure that the Big Data is collected and utilized properly.

Cloud Computing and Java
Cloud computing is another trend that is predicted to increase in 2022. Needless to say, Java is one of the efficient programming languages that work flawlessly with cloud computing. Its robustness, ease of use and guarantee of security makes Java suitable for cloud computing. Moreover, all the cloud computing programs developed using Java are compatible with several operating systems like Windows, iOS, etc.

Final takeaway
It is certain that as a robust and easy to use programming language, Java is being widely used and accepted for technical advancements. If you wish to develop your software or app using Java, partner with Green Apex. We are a top Java software development company, with experienced Java experts having unparalleled expertise in Java architecture, core Java, and Java front-end and back-end frameworks.

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