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How To Build OTT Audio Into Your Audio Streaming Platform

  • By Ariana Madelyn
  • 24-03-2022
  • Web Development

As per a survey, Indian consumers spend 21.5 hours every week listening to their favorite music compared to a worldwide average of 17.8 hours per week. Audio OTT platforms stand as one of the primary consumption and distribution mediums for content users and owners. An audio OTT platform is focused on the delivery of content to the user in the distribution space, by obtaining content from music publishers/labels/other distributors presenting it on the internet. An independent hosted application is where it is usually accessed.

Ways To Build Audio OTT in Your Audio Streaming Platform

1. A Music Label

In the digital streaming age, the music industry has witnessed rapid change making it accessible for potential musicians to make a name for themselves and get exposure without the support of monetized music labels. With the growth of audio OTT streaming, aspiring artists now have an economical platform by having to pay a minimal cost of INR 1000 to launch their tracks and engage with the users/listeners directly.

Owing to low costs when compared to launching songs via other mediums the industry has witnessed a growth of 150% bringing in independent and new artists in the past year. Streaming platforms have also brought a transformation in the listening routines of people, who are now exploring indie music. By providing a stage to independent artists, OTT audio platforms have expanded the music future by putting the power in the hands of the creators.

2. Offering recognition and a larger fan base

As they are user-friendly, audio OTTs no longer stand in for the Gen Z and millennials but also comprise of the influx of millions of new consumers from different age groups. This lets creators engage with a wide spectrum of audiences to market their content across age groups. The main driver for this change is the convenience and choice of consumption of content.

Some major initiatives to make users happy and promote artists can be explained by exclusively crafted playlists by new artists and promotion of podcasts that witness a trend across platforms even by a new host. Another important initiative by audio streaming platform OTT is the live streaming introduction on the app where artists can host live sessions/online performances and connect with their audience directly while producing and improving their fan base. In the last year, the audio OTT industry has seen more than 150 live gigs which have happened on audio OTT by international and national artists.

3. Creator Push which is Non-Music

Consumption of podcasts has seen a steep uptake worldwide, with some of the best motivational talks, storytelling, and debates emerging from podcasts. In India, audio streaming software OTT platforms have hosted independent creators and artists from a wide range of genres to create audio experiences for consumers.

4. Facilitating Monetization of Fandom

Audio streaming solution apps have become a great monetization model for creators of content. These platforms provide creators easy access to virtual tools to evaluate impact and measure ROI or returns on investment. Related data and parameters like preference, location, mood, the number of hits, etc. portray a clear picture of consumer behavior which gives creators the correct look into the users/audience allowing them to target like-minded consumers.

It assists in creating a community of similar people via online programming for customized listening experiences. Also, aspiring content creators based on their talent can get a chance to join hands with experienced artists who are already linked to the app. These opportunities offer independent artists and entrants a new-age platform to expand and create extra revenue streams.

5. Artist and brand collaborations

With growing digital transformation today, potential users or audiences can be found on absolutely any digital platform. So, online audio streaming platforms are discovering collaborations with brands and artists in their striving to create strong connections with users and produce brand loyalty. This is a positive move for artists who are unable to perform at offline locations in the pandemic. With the digital space gaining tremendous importance across daily life, people are looking for entertainment that does not make up staring at a screen yet is interactive.

6. Regional Growth Focus

The growth of audio OTT platforms and on-demand streaming audio has risen not only from the important metros and urban zones but also from the regional markets. JioSaavn is focusing on regional markets and last year it released the ‘We are India’ campaign to cheer for the Regional content of the highest quality.

How To Get Started With OTT Audio Streaming Platform: Features to Look for:

1. Customization

You can now decide what goes inside your platform from downloading, monetizing to distribution. Customization can be delivered on all aspects.

2. Transcoding

The cloud streaming solution is designed to manage multiple types of streams with compiled data live transcoded to get high-quality performance.

3. Video Monetization Models

When identifying how to establish your all-inclusive audio streaming service, the top options to develop yourself with monetization plans like TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, etc.

4. White Label Platform

Easily put to use solutions, flexible design, features, and other facets which go with your brand focus, to monitor your online video white-labeled platform.

5. Integrated DRM

Building an audio streaming app that includes DRM or digital rights management is used to avoid piracy of the originals of digital content.

6. HLS Audio Player

These audio players allow users to watch the content which is streamed on the platform. The new-age tech stack enables streams to be buffer-free and delivers them suitably.

7. Branded Video Apps

Some attractive features like paywall integration, in-app purchases, offline viewing and resume watching support every kind of content on the go.

8. Integrated Marketing Solution

People can watch the live audio streaming content which is broadcast on the platform which is linked to social-media handles together with SEO techniques, lead-capture forms, etc.

9. Advanced Analytics

Make use of supported systems of analytics management when offering services to customers with real-time video analytics dashboard and user data across multiple devices, etc.


To conclude, it is advisable to take advantage of free trials and extra benefits while opting for a good audio streaming service provider, as this would be the best strategy to start with. This lets you try out all the features and ensure that the platform has all you require to fulfill your streaming goals. You can now build OTT audio platform as per your requirements by checking online sources.

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